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We get quite a lot of emails asking us about work from home opportunities. The majority of the work from home opportunities out there are all pyramid schemes and scammers. My advice to you if you are looking for a work from home opportunity is to create your own job!

Matt has helped me create my very own work from home project! I have started my own baby boutique called 5 Minute Recess!

I have to thank my friends for volunteering their time and their children to taking product shots and for my favorite amigos down south for taking a chance on this wannabe work from home momma!

I have very lofty goals of expanding, but slowly and surely is the pace. The best advice I have for starting your own business is to take it slow. Do not spend a lot of money in inventory until you are sure you can sell that in a short amount of time.

Other business opportunities may be dog walking, cleaning, babysitting, photography, and so on. Business licenses and tax id numbers are relatively easy to get. If you get lost there is always your best friend google waiting to help!

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Terra Naturali – Baby Bum Bum Balm

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309190_412346092162862_886410493_n537588_10100284061091165_662883940_nI was lucky enough to receive a sample of this product about a month ago, and I absolutely love it. Our one ounce container has only recently run out and I am scrambling to place our order! Before I get into our experience with the product let me tell you some of the facts.

Ingredients List:

  • orangic olive oil
  • organic coconut oil
  • beeswax
  • organic calendula
  • organic chamomile
  • organic plantain
  • organic chickweed

About Terra Naturali

  • Made by a Work At Home Mom (WAHM)
  • From Cary, NC
  • 100% all natural/ non-toxic ingredients
  • All ingredients are sourced from American companies
  • Oils are lovingly infused over several months
  • Natural Living and Gentle Parenting advocate
  • Getting ready to expand her line to include herbal baby rub oil, Non-talc powder, lotion bars, safe deodorant

Review Time!


Here’s the skinny: Terra Naturali Baby Bum Bum Balm is 100% all natural, works great on more than just diaper rash, cloth diaper safe, and sourced from American companies. What is there not to love?!

As I mentioned, since switching the baby to cloth diapers we have not had a need for any kind of diaper cream, butt balm, lotions, oils, etc. However, we did discover that the baby does have a dry skin problem. While using Terra Naturali Baby Bum Bum Balm to keep her rear in the clear, I started putting it on her dry spots instead of using our usual go-to, Aquaphor. I found that not only does this little ounce jar of Terra Naturali Baby Bum Bum Balm go a long way, but it also works gets on the babe’s dry skin. I dare say, even better than the sticky globs of Aquaphor we had been using!

My favorite part is I am now free from worrying about balms effecting the absorbency of our cloth diapers, because Terra Naturali Baby Bum Bum Balm is 100% cloth diaper safe! When using the Aquaphor I had to be super careful where I put it on the baby. If it came in contact with the cloth diaper there would a very long and involved stripping process required!

I am waiting very impatiently 😉 to try the rest of her line when it comes out!