Hug Your Grandmother For Surviving the 195os

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Matt’s brother sent us this article a few days ago and it made my stomach flip.

The Daily Mail in the UK wrote an article on this 1950s actual newspaper article posted on Twitter by History in Pictures.

This is a frightening look at the general attitude towards women at that time. What most of those men were describing is abuse both psychological and physical. “…it will remind them how well off they are.” Mister Davis is eluding to the fact that women must be spanked in order to realize that they have it good. I would love to know what his definition of having it bad was!

When I was little I was embarrassed of my grandmother, and didn’t understand her ways. After reading this newspaper clipping it makes me wish she was still alive so I could give her a hug. I am so sorry that she wasn’t born in a more liberal time.

Thankfully today such behavior is punishable by law and completely unacceptable. This article stands as a wonderful reminder of how far we have come as a country as far as women’s liberation.