How to Go to the Bathroom Sans Baby

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I am a stay at home mom with no family nearby. This leads to a whole boat load of problems.

For example:

  • How do I fold laundry with one hand? – babywearing
  • How do I clean a toilet when the baby is awake? – babywearing in a back carry
  • How do I cook dinner? – babywearing in a back carry

and the most important one…


potty_walkerWalkers, bouncers, high chairs, and bumbos are a gift from above for the stay at home mom who just needs to pee! On most days I put the exercise saucer into the bathroom upstairs and put the walker into the bathroom downstairs.

The exercise saucer is great to keep my needy daughter occupied while I sing to her when I am in the shower. She loves show tunes sung in a very bad Russian accent!

The walker is great for quick potty breaks because I can still see and talk to her and I am normally done and my hands are washed before she figures out how to back out of the bathroom.

In a pinch I have put the bumbo on the floor, or wheeled her high chair in the bathroom.

If you have an older baby, and your baby area is “kid-proofed” you can always do the spoiled kid method.

spoiledSome may say my daughter is spoiled, but I say whatever it takes to keep her busy for 5 minutes while I have to go!!

On a side note you should never pay for a new exercisesaucer, bouncer, bumbo, or high chair. Do you research on which models have been recalled and then hit your local flea market, garage sale, craigslist, or mom swap. The total cost for our daughter’s high chair, bumbo, exercisesaucer, and bouncer was $52.

*While I have gone to the bathroom with my daughter in a front carry when I was out and about and had no other option I do not recommend making this a habit while you are at home.

We would love to hear about your ingenious ways to go to the bathroom without a baby!




Frugal Homemaking: Cleaning that dirty shower

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Sparkly Clean!

Okay, I admit it. Cleaning the bathrooms is one of my least favorite things to do. Thank goodness for a wonderful husband who takes care of those pesky toilets for me.

Who wants to clean in a small, confined space, with noxious fumes killing their brain cells. Not only that, but those bathroom cleaners are EXPENSIVE! And they don’t even work that well!!

I had lunch with an old work friend a few weeks ago and we were talking about our shower caves (you’ll see in my picture what I’m talking about) and how we hate to clean them. She shared a spectacular idea with me. This is a quick, easy, and CHEAP shower cleaner. Are you interested yet?

Take one of those dish brushes like this, Fill it half and half with Dawn dish soap (or the store brand as I did) and white vinegar.

Now, when you are in the shower and just about done do a little scrubbity, scrub, scrub. I keep a cup in there as well to rinse the spots that the shower spray doesn’t reach.

There! You’re shower is fresh and clean after each use and there aren’t any harsh chemicals going up your nose or down your drain! Isn’t that exciting?

Here’s a pictures of my shower. Sorry about the lack of a before picture, but take my word for it, it was gross. Do you see what I mean by a shower cave? And it’s BLACK! Believe me, not my choice. 🙂

What easy, inexpensive, and earth friendly cleaning products do you use?