Hug Your Grandmother For Surviving the 195os

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Matt’s brother sent us this article a few days ago and it made my stomach flip.

The Daily Mail in the UK wrote an article on this 1950s actual newspaper article posted on Twitter by History in Pictures.

This is a frightening look at the general attitude towards women at that time. What most of those men were describing is abuse both psychological and physical. “…it will remind them how well off they are.” Mister Davis is eluding to the fact that women must be spanked in order to realize that they have it good. I would love to know what his definition of having it bad was!

When I was little I was embarrassed of my grandmother, and didn’t understand her ways. After reading this newspaper clipping it makes me wish she was still alive so I could give her a hug. I am so sorry that she wasn’t born in a more liberal time.

Thankfully today such behavior is punishable by law and completely unacceptable. This article stands as a wonderful reminder of how far we have come as a country as far as women’s liberation.

A Day of Silence 16 April 2013

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Yesterday the streets ran red with blood across the world. To all of our friends, family, and friends yet to meet in Boston, MA our hearts and love go out to you. If you have not heard there were two bombs that exploded about 100 feet away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon – NYTimes. This senseless act of murder and terror will resonate in the minds of my countrymen for many years, and our deepest condolences go out to those affected. No matter where you are please look at this NBC News site on how you can help the victims.

In a sharp contrast to the Boston Marathon bombings you most likely have not heard about the 30 people killed at a wedding celebration in Afghanistan yesterday. A wedding party was bombed by United States service men and women by accident yesterday – UK DailyMail There are no web sites being erected to assist the family of the victims and very few people even know this event occurred.

A loss of any life military, civilian or otherwise is a tragic loss for this world. In order to pay our respects to all of the families affected by both the Afghanistan and Boston bombings, we are going to observe a day of silence. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram, and no blogging in remembrance of those who lives were cut short long before their time.

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again, May God hold
you in the hollow of his hand


Day 3: Las Vegas with an Infant!

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Writing this a day later because we fell asleep super early last night!

Anywho, this was probably one of my most favorite days in Las Vegas. Mainly because I got to see the traveling Warhol collection at the Bellagio, but also because it solidified my babywearing is awesome stance!

For breakfast baby and I walked over to the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas and we were greeted with a lovely NO STROLLER sign on our way in.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.36.18 PM


No Strollers = no worries with this babywearing family! I insolently marched through the lobby while carry the babe in our Bitybean. The no stroller stance lead me to believe that the Wynn Las Vegas was not going to be baby friendly, but to my surprise they had changing tables in the handicap stall of every restroom. Each toliet also had an ashtray next to it, but this is Vegas and nothing should surprise me anymore 😉

I decided to head down the strip after discovering they charge 15$ for a short stack of pancakes! The baby and I meandered through the Palazzo and then found ourselves at the Venetian food court enjoying our $4.50 pancakes!

After breakfast we took the monorail down to Bally’s and walked across the street to the Bellagio. FYI if you are going to see the fountains at the Bellagio they start running at 3pm. My favorite artist in the whole wide world is Andy Warhol. No strollers are allowed in the Bellagio Fine Art Gallery, and I proudly marched my Bitybean wearing tush in there and enjoyed my 45 minute guided audio tour. The baby loved the cow wallpaper but then fell asleep for the rest of the exhibit! Silly babies!

Then we went back to the hotel for a quick nap before going to meet Matt at the convention center. I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure both you the caregiver and the baby get enough rest on vacations!

For dinner we took the monorail down to old Vegas to check out Circus Circus and the Riviera.

Where's the food!?

Where’s the food!?

If you can get past the smell of 25 years of smoke Circus Circus is by far the most family friendly place in Las Vegas in my opinion. I refrain from using the term smoky because there was not smoke in the air, but it smelled like there used to be a lot of smoking in that place. There is an entire level of arcade games, and in the center there is a small stage where about once an hour there are acrobats, trapeze artists, and other circus themed acts that perform.



The Rivera was where we ended up for dinner. While they did serve 58 cent Pabst in a plastic cup there was nothing really spectacular about that casino. Everything was perfectly acceptable, but there is nothing worth while there. I do not recommend going there for anything more than super cheap drinks.

After a short ride back to our hotel it was off to bed for the lot of us!

Recap of How to Survive Vegas with an Infant

  • babywear! Go where no stroller bound baby has gone before.
  • nap! No one likes a cranky baby or a cranky caregiver because they skipped their nap time.
  • Cheap beer can be found at the Rivera
  • Circus Circus is super family friendly
  • try new things! There is nothing holding you back but you.


Shopping for Kids Books On a Dime?

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32a416da0fded4a466cccf43770ff8b0This is by far my absolute favorite place to purchase books for the baby. We just picked up about 25 books for under $60, and the best part is that for every book we bought Better World Books donates a book! Currently, the company has donated almost 8 million books, raised $13 million for literacy funds, and recycled or reused almost 100 thousand books destined for landfills.



Better World Books is a great eco-friendly company to get behind. I very much enjoy that you can purchase carbon offsets for the shipping used to receive your books! Better World Books even has a buy back program for your old books and it they pay for the shipping!

All in all I wanted to share with the world my new found love of Better World Books!


Welcome to the World!

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The baby that started it all!

The baby that started it all!

December first 2012 a day that will live in infamy… the day our first child was born and we realized that when she turns 18 college will cost more than a house we can’t afford today! oi vey! Three months later the kid is still very much alive, we are still happily married, and now there is a very modest start to a 529 college fund! After realizing that we had an unique and often times humorous approach to parenting and budgeting, Matt and I decided to start a blog. We welcome you to follow our quirky way of life and learn what worked, and most of the time didn’t work for our little family!