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We get quite a lot of emails asking us about work from home opportunities. The majority of the work from home opportunities out there are all pyramid schemes and scammers. My advice to you if you are looking for a work from home opportunity is to create your own job!

Matt has helped me create my very own work from home project! I have started my own baby boutique called 5 Minute Recess!

I have to thank my friends for volunteering their time and their children to taking product shots and for my favorite amigos down south for taking a chance on this wannabe work from home momma!

I have very lofty goals of expanding, but slowly and surely is the pace. The best advice I have for starting your own business is to take it slow. Do not spend a lot of money in inventory until you are sure you can sell that in a short amount of time.

Other business opportunities may be dog walking, cleaning, babysitting, photography, and so on. Business licenses and tax id numbers are relatively easy to get. If you get lost there is always your best friend google waiting to help!

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Women and Men Effected Differently when Juggling Work, Sleep, and Parenting

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In our home we made the decision that Rachel would put her career on hold for a bit while we got the hang of being parents and things (hopefully) settled down into a routine.  As first time parents we  had enough stressing us out, and thankfully we were in the position (it’s not just about 529 savings!) to make that happen for the first year.

One common subject we have discussed is how our lives and routines will change once she returns to work.  With more time out of the home, tasks such as meal preparation and housework will be much more difficult to fit into our limited time at home together every day.  More importantly, tackling a long work day after only a few hours of sleep will impact just about everything.

A few nights ago we discussed her desire to return to work for personal fulfillment, and to ensure we had the ability to maintain the stable financial footing we’d worked so hard to achieve over the last two years.  There was a bit of push back on my part, as I want to ensure that our daughter properly looked after.

The study showed that 37% of working mothers now believed that working full-time is ideal.  Quite an increase from only a few years ago, and our current economy can’t be ignored as a factor.

Reasons for the shift may be largely economic, as women in families with tight budgets were most likely to prefer full-time work. It now takes two spouses to earn the equivalent of what one could bring home a few decades ago, and the recession has hit the men’s labor market disproportionately hard.

As the male human, I have accepted that there are some things I just don’t tackle as efficiently as my wife.  One of the best points of the article is the quote below.

Before pointing the finger at lazy dads, working moms may need to stop trying to do it all, according to Sandberg.

“Let him put the diaper on the baby any way he wants as long as he is doing it himself,” she writes in her new book.

Raising a kid is already hard enough.   If the father screws up dinner, accidentally melts the diaper covers in the dryer, or forgets how to properly install a tri-fold cloth diaper every other day, roll with the punches.  In the end, slightly misguided help should always be welcome.

Note – I did all of those things.  Rachel was amazingly understanding.


Source – Huffington Post