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We get quite a lot of emails asking us about work from home opportunities. The majority of the work from home opportunities out there are all pyramid schemes and scammers. My advice to you if you are looking for a work from home opportunity is to create your own job!

Matt has helped me create my very own work from home project! I have started my own baby boutique called 5 Minute Recess!

I have to thank my friends for volunteering their time and their children to taking product shots and for my favorite amigos down south for taking a chance on this wannabe work from home momma!

I have very lofty goals of expanding, but slowly and surely is the pace. The best advice I have for starting your own business is to take it slow. Do not spend a lot of money in inventory until you are sure you can sell that in a short amount of time.

Other business opportunities may be dog walking, cleaning, babysitting, photography, and so on. Business licenses and tax id numbers are relatively easy to get. If you get lost there is always your best friend google waiting to help!

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Hug Your Grandmother For Surviving the 195os

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Matt’s brother sent us this article a few days ago and it made my stomach flip.

The Daily Mail in the UK wrote an article on this 1950s actual newspaper article posted on Twitter by History in Pictures.

This is a frightening look at the general attitude towards women at that time. What most of those men were describing is abuse both psychological and physical. “…it will remind them how well off they are.” Mister Davis is eluding to the fact that women must be spanked in order to realize that they have it good. I would love to know what his definition of having it bad was!

When I was little I was embarrassed of my grandmother, and didn’t understand her ways. After reading this newspaper clipping it makes me wish she was still alive so I could give her a hug. I am so sorry that she wasn’t born in a more liberal time.

Thankfully today such behavior is punishable by law and completely unacceptable. This article stands as a wonderful reminder of how far we have come as a country as far as women’s liberation.

Need Someone To Talk To?

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7 Cups of Tea7 Cups of Tea is a brand new start up that connects people trained as active listeners with people who need and want to be heard.

  • Want to vent about your child not sleeping?
  • Want to commiserate about lip ties with another breastfeeding mom?
  • Need to reach out to another parent with a special needs child?
  • How about you plain old want someone to listen?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then I highly recommend signing up for 7 Cups of Tea. … and the best part about this service is that it is FREE!

As a first time mom living far away from all of my family and close friends I had a rough start to motherhood. All of my friends at the time were childless. They did understand what it was like to have poop shoot across the room at 3 am and hit the cat. All I wanted was someone to witness my pain! I felt very alone and very isolated.

After hearing about this service and remembering how much it sucked to be alone with a baby all day, I signed up to be a listener. I want to be there for other caregivers who needed someone to witness their trials and tribulations! It also seemed like it could be a fun opportunity to make some extra money during nap time! I enjoy that I can chose whether to accept chats through my phone or the web interface or I can opt to chose to talk on the phone. As the inherently shy person I opt for the chat interface 😉

I truly feel this new service will help not only first time moms but any parent, family friend, or anyone really who wants someone to hear what they have to say.




How to Go to the Bathroom Sans Baby

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I am a stay at home mom with no family nearby. This leads to a whole boat load of problems.

For example:

  • How do I fold laundry with one hand? – babywearing
  • How do I clean a toilet when the baby is awake? – babywearing in a back carry
  • How do I cook dinner? – babywearing in a back carry

and the most important one…


potty_walkerWalkers, bouncers, high chairs, and bumbos are a gift from above for the stay at home mom who just needs to pee! On most days I put the exercise saucer into the bathroom upstairs and put the walker into the bathroom downstairs.

The exercise saucer is great to keep my needy daughter occupied while I sing to her when I am in the shower. She loves show tunes sung in a very bad Russian accent!

The walker is great for quick potty breaks because I can still see and talk to her and I am normally done and my hands are washed before she figures out how to back out of the bathroom.

In a pinch I have put the bumbo on the floor, or wheeled her high chair in the bathroom.

If you have an older baby, and your baby area is “kid-proofed” you can always do the spoiled kid method.

spoiledSome may say my daughter is spoiled, but I say whatever it takes to keep her busy for 5 minutes while I have to go!!

On a side note you should never pay for a new exercisesaucer, bouncer, bumbo, or high chair. Do you research on which models have been recalled and then hit your local flea market, garage sale, craigslist, or mom swap. The total cost for our daughter’s high chair, bumbo, exercisesaucer, and bouncer was $52.

*While I have gone to the bathroom with my daughter in a front carry when I was out and about and had no other option I do not recommend making this a habit while you are at home.

We would love to hear about your ingenious ways to go to the bathroom without a baby!




It’s My Birthday and I will Giveaway If I want to!

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Today is my birthday and in order to celebrate my time here on this earth I have decided to combine 2 of my most favorite things! Raffles for charity and babywearing!

This year I have picked out something special for all of our fans!

For our first prize winner we have Matt’s favorite wrap design along with our favorite colors combined…. any guesses?!?!

A brand new size 5 KoKaDi‘s Fire Birds wrap!

Little Miss and I modeling our giveaway at 7am in the morning!

Little Miss and I modeling our giveaway at 7am in the morning!

For our second prize we have a brand new Babies Beyond Borders baby size half buckle mei tai!

babies beyond borders

The best part about this giveaway is the proceeds will go to benefiting a charity that is very near and dear to my heart! Ruckabye Baby! Ruckabye Baby is a new non-profit that matches wounded service members with carriers so that they can bond with their children even if their injuries prevent them from safely holding them!

Please enter the raffle below for a chance to win one of these great prizes and support an excellent cause!

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Ear Infections: What You Need to Know

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As many of you may or may not have read on our facebook page our little miss caught an ear infection in each ear while on vacation in South Carolina. Let me tell you, it is not pretty!



According to the Mayo Clinic here is the definition of an ear infection,

An ear infection (acute otitis media) is most often a bacterial or viral infection that affects the middle ear, the air-filled space behind the eardrum that contains the tiny vibrating bones of the ear. Children are more likely than adults to get ear infections.

Here is what I have learned about ear infections and infants thus far!

  • When you child is abnormally fussy and spikes a fever do not hesitate to take them to their doctor or urgent care as soon as humanly possible. 

Stella woke us up at 3am and was howling and completely congested and miserable. When I took her temp it was only 100.6. By the time 9am rolled around she was more lethargic and her temp spiked up to above 103. She never touched her ears and we had no clue it was an ear infection until the doctor looked in her ears! Again when a rising fever is involved go directly to the doctor’s office or urgent care.

  • After the first 24 hours of antibiotics you wee one should be doing much better but keep taking the antibiotics as prescribed.

Even if your wee one is no longer symptomatic still give their antibiotic. There is a risk the symptoms can come back or the child may develop an immunity to the antibiotics if stopped early.

  • Any hope of normal sleep will go out the window

Do not expect your little bundle of misery to sleep through the night for the next 7-10 days. The middle ear sucks at life and will cause your child great discomfort when they are horizontal for long periods of time, and especially at night. Your child will most likely wake up more frequently from pain and is looking for comfort.

Ear infections frequently are painful because of inflammation and buildup of fluids in the middle ear. – Mayo Clinic

  • Our doctor recommended putting the baby to sleep in the car seat in her crib.

We haven’t tried that option yet, but the theory is that it keeps her upright. This causes her nose to drain instead of building up pressure while she lays flat.

  • Get a humidifier for the baby’s room

A humidifier will keep the nasal passages moist to prevent mucus from drying, compacting, and thus causing pain

  • A warm compress on the ear to lessen pain

Try a warm wash cloth over the baby’s ears to help ease their pain and discomfort

  • Try non-medicated plain saline drops in the the infant’s nose

Again this is a measure to be used to keep the mucus following. Go go snot rockets!

Most episodes will resolve within 3 months, but 30 – 40% of children may have recurrent episodes. Only 5 – 10% of episodes last longer than 1 year. – NY Time Health

  • If you go the antibiotic route please be prepared for a yeast infection. If you are nursing start taking probiotics immediately. Whether you are nursing or not start putting virgin expeller pressed coconut oil on the diaper area (if you are nursing also put some on your nipples a couple of time throughout the day)
  • Chocolate cake will solve everything

While your child is healing it will take a toll on your sanity. When in doubt chocolate cake and gummy bears makes all of the fussiness and crying better!

We would love to hear your ear infection survival stories!


Product Review: The Baby Whisperer Solves All of Your Problems

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I must preface this review with the following statement, I only read this book for tips on getting baby to sleep through the night.

The Baby Whisperer Solves All of Your Problems


  • Very well written 
  • Excellent case studies
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • My 5.5 month old was dehydrated when I tried to put her on the 4 hour schedule
  • I felt trapped and depressed putting myself on the 4 hour schedule
  • The pick up put down method didn’t work
  • There was 7 days of 5+ time a day meltdowns
  • I was getting migraines and physically ill from listening to my child scream for 45 minutes 5x a day

Again I did not read any other section of the book, but I really did not like her sleep training method at all. There is nothing routine about having a baby, and there has to be a sleep method that factors in some flexibility. There are some days when the line for the post office is out the door and we are going to miss a nap or have to adjust a feeding.

I modified her routine from EASY (eat, activity, sleep, you time) to EAESY(eat, activity, eat, sleep, you time). I also was rotating through them at a much faster pace. My girl can only stay awake about 1.5-2 hours at a time. She is very active during her time awake and is curious about everything. Her curiosity makes her a distracted eater. Withholding food for longer periods of time so that she will eat more per sitting is not my idea of a proper plan.

Again as I said in an earlier post, you have to do what works best for both YOU and your baby’s personalities. If you are into strict routines and your child eats a decent amount each sitting then perhaps this book is right for you! If you child is a distracted eater, and your life slightly more hectic than I do not suggest reading this book for anything more than purely pleasure!


You Are A Good Parent! Now Get Off The Internet!

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I only have twenty minutes to write this before my little sensitive bundle of joy will start screaming.


The past two-ish weeks of my life have been consumed with finding the perfect nap and night time sleep solution for our little family. There are dozens and dozens of books, bookmarked webpage,s and forums that I have yet to visit. The amount of information is daunting, and I have only had time to skim headlines. Complete sidebar, if you are writing a book on how to fix a child’s sleep habits, do us all a favor and make it bullet points. I don’t have time to read cutesy little antidotes while I am mired in the trenches of hell trying to persuade my precious little flower to sleep!

Some researchers insist that one should never let their child cry. Other studies point to post-traumatic stress disorder being linked to children who cry. My all time favorite is the forums that rip women to shreds because they found something that works for their family.

After spending two weeks waking up everyone morning with Matt’s favorite phrase, “Fuck My Life”, I decided this has got to end. Everything I read made me feel like a failure of a mother because I don’t want to co-sleep, and there are quite a few nights I just wanted to shove her face into the mattress and scream, “SLEEP MOTHERFUCKER!”

So here is my ode to all of the overly stressed, tired, and super grumpy parents and parental figures out there:

Y ou should understand infants and children suck most of the time, and that is why we love them.

ne in a while you are going to want to kill them, and that is ok as long as you don’t actually do it 😉

nder no circumstance should you ever take your child’s behavior towards you personally. Their brain is still smaller than your labradoodle.


ll other parents will give you their advice. Just nod and smile and don’t really listen.

emember just as you get used to one way your child will completely change and you will have to start all over again.

veryone struggles with parenthood. I do not care what anyone says this is true of all parents.


A t times you are going to feel like giving up, and that is ok. Call for help from a neighbor, friend, family, coworker, online friend, or anyone you feel comfortable asking for help. It is ok if you need a hand or just someone to witness how much having kids sucks.

ood times will come. If you need to print that out and hang it on every mirror in your house.

O ne day they will be all grown up and you will only remember the good times. I know that doesn’t help at the moment, but keep that in the back of your head!

O ne source will tell you crying is bad, and the other source will tell you not crying is bad. Screw them both and do what you can mentally and emotionally handle. Everyone else be damned.

D on’t forget US Army Rangers and the elite military forces of the world would crack after an entire night of listening to an infant scream.


eople on the internet suck even more than raising an infant sucks. Don’t let them make you feel like less of a parent because they don’t agree with what you are doing.

A ll children at some point suck. Once you accept that this is going to suck at some point you will be pleasnatly surprised at how well you can handle a sucky situation.

esist the urge to read every study on the internet. If you must read them first find out who paid to have the study completed and who is paying the researchers salaries. That should give you a good clue what the study is about before even reading the article!

ventually this will seem easy breezy and then you have your second child!

N ever judge another mother who is trying her hardest to stay afloat. You were once there!

ake some time and remember this shit sucks. You are doing the best you can.

For the love of everything that is good in the world…




Giveaway: Milkmakers Lactation Cookies!

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Milkmakers lactation cookies were such a big hit at the Monterey Cloth Diaper Party that we decided it would be an awesome idea to give a dozen away!

For those of you who don’t know what Milkmakers lactation cookies are they are super yummy cookies with ingredients that are proven to boost your breastmilk supply!

milmakers cookies

This is a perfect give for yourself, a nursing mother you know and love, or for that special milkie donor momma in your life!
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Not only are we giving away a dozen Milkmakers cookies to one lucky fan but Bumpboosters is giving away free pregnancy cookies to everyone! Check it out here!



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After a few number of days without sleep this family was again on hold.

Thankfully I think we have found a solution for us!

The answer is read about 4 baby sleep books and take a little piece of advice from each book, mix it with some sage advice from friends and VIOLA! Sleep solution!

Since we are only on Day 3 of sleep solution 529onadime style we will wait a few more days to give a full report!

In the meantime we have giveaways, more photo blogs, and product reviews coming up this weekend!