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300127_10100297656366125_1277703732_nMatt, Rachel, and baby Stella at your service

Our journey begins a few years back in Norfolk Virginia where Matt (a super nerdy computer science major) and Rachel (a film and photography major) first met while working together at an animal non-profit.  Rachel was in the process of enlisting the US Army shortly before she and Matt first began dating.

After a brief long distance relationship, Matt packed up everything that would fit into a Honda Civic and drove across the country to where Rachel was stationed.  California became their new home.  It’s the state where everything is backwards and the cost of living is 3x what it should be.

Shortly, there after they were married! After getting pregnant, Rachel and Matt made the decision that she would leave the Army in order to be able to breastfeed baby Stella for her entire first year (or three) of life . There was no way to guarantee that Rachel would be stationed in the same place as Matt and Stella for Stella’s first year of life.  Odds were she would be in another country before the baby turned a year old.

Matt and Rachel are frugal, fun-loving, vegetarians currently living in Northern California. Matt’s interests lie in vintage British motorcycles that only sometimes work, brewing his own beer, and all things nerdy. Rachel’s passions are animal rights, saving the environment, and traveling!

Currently Stella’s is only amused by funny faces, silly noises, and her panda bear rattle!

206705_10151304057051855_544855385_nMeet guest blogger Robin

Robin is a history major and stay at home mom to the world’s most adorable baby boy, TJ! Robin is the crafty guru. If you can buy it in a store Robin can figure out how to make it at home! When asked to write her “about me” section her response was (and is very fitting), “I’m awesome and that is all”

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