Product Review: Bitybean the Cleverly Compact Child Carrier

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  • front and back carry
  • recommended for infants with good neck control around 3 months and older
  • 8-40 pounds
  • waist straps fully extended measure 45.5″
  • the body is 15″ tall
  • the widest part of the body is around 14.5″
  • shoulder straps are just under 3″ wide
  • waist strap are 2″ thick
  • Shoulder straps completely loosed are 35″ long

A few weeks ago Robin (guest blogger and craft guru) and I teamed up to win a Bitybean off of their Facebook page. Right before our highly anticipated first time traveling with the infant our Bitybean arrived!

It is only slightly bigger than my iphone (shown in the middle)

It is only slightly bigger than my iphone (shown in the middle)

front of Bitybean in sand gray

front of Bitybean in sand gray

back of Bitybean in sand gray

back of Bitybean in sand gray

easy to use instructions on the label

easy to use instructions on the label

My initial reactions were of complete surprise. I kept checking the front door expecting a large package. Imagine my surprise when a small box the size of my Nalgene water bottle showed up!

After taking off the handwritten note, which I fully believe more companies should do this, and packaging I hastily pulled the carrier out of its carrying case and started taking pictures of it. The excitement began to wear off and I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world I was going to get the carrier back in the case. I felt this was a cleverly packed in carrier and it would never go back in the case. Later I found out that the company has a very handy video on how to repack your Bitybean, but I only discovered this after I realized that you can completely haphazardly shove the carrier into the case and it still fits. Matt tells me this is why we can’t have nice things ūüėČ

Matt and I have both clocked numerous amounts of hours in the Bitybean and it has gone everywhere with us for the past few weeks. From San Francisco to Monterey, and it even went with us on our trip to Las Vegas. We are a very active family and are always looking for ways to help our little three-some keep moving efficiently and smoothly.

First I will start with pros and cons and then finish with some closing remarks!


  • Dad and other family member friendly
  • Super comfortable for shorter (1-3 hours) trips
  • Completely¬†idiot proof and very friendly towards the¬†baby wearing¬†illiterate
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Compactable it can be squeezed down to the size of a water bottle
  • No metal parts so it goes through airport security easy breezy
  • Very easy to breastfeed in
  • Drool, spit up, and water resistant
  • The straps don’t drag on the ground while changing a diaper or strapping ¬†up for a shopping trip
  • Supports baby from knee to knee
  • Excellent warranty (1 full year)


  • Gets slightly uncomfortable after wearing the child for 6-8 hours a day
  • Waist strap may dig into the fluffier areas of the wearer

Overall Opinions

Unfortunately this Bitybean is off to its new home with Robin and I am buying our very own for Matt! Matt has been trying for 4 months to find a carrier that he can use with the baby. He has tried Mobys, woven wraps, Ergos, Maya Wraps, and wrap conversion ring slings. His carrier of choice is the Bitybean. He doesn’t have to know a thing about proper seat and how to origami tie the baby to his chest. The first time he tried to put the Bitybean on he was completely successful and my assistance was not required. Bitybean has made his babywearing experience worry and stress free. Personally I think Bitybean should market this carrier more for dads/father figures, and family (aka grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family) that want to wear the baby but are never in a million years going to attempt to wrap and are overwhelmed by the bulkier and more complicated looking soft structured carriers on the market.


While in the airports and going through airport security the Bitybean was great. First, please note that TSA reserves the right to make you take off the baby before going through the metal detector. This can be quite nerve racking for the first-time-with-an-infant traveler but not with the Bitybean. It is so easy to quickly take on and off that I was not going to be phased by anything TSA could throw at us. There is no way I was ever going to try and get through airport security with a stroller. I have seen those moms and I feel badly for them. It is so bulky and such a process to get through with a stroller.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.47.41 PM

on board with the Bitybean

The baby and I went up and down the strip from the convention center to Mandalay Bay and even to old Vegas and Circus Circus and the Riviera. I was carrying that baby from around 9am till about 2pm when we came back for a nap and then from 5pm until about 8pm every day while we were there. While I loved that the straps never hit the ground (Las Vegas bathroom ground scares me) while I was changing the baby and it was easy to breastfeed standing up when there was no suitable place to sit down, my shoulders hurt after the third day of extended wearing. I hope that for future models they give the option of wider straps!

Breastfeeding in the Bitybean is extremely simple. Loosen the shoulder straps until baby’s mouth is about nipple height. I have tried to breastfeed in other wraps, mei tais, and carriers and found it to be extremely difficult. Most the time I would have to take baby completely out and readjust before being able to breastfeed. This is not the case with the Bitybean. Loosen shoulder straps and go. Baby is still secure and there is once down just tighten the straps back up and go!

I found the easiest way to take the Bitybean on and off was to put on the waist strap. Then put the body between baby’s legs and put both shoulder straps on. This should be done with the shoulder straps loose. The piece that holds the shoulder straps together is very easy to reach and clasp without assistance while the shoulders are loose. Then tighten the shoulder straps and the piece moves into place. This is so simple and can be done in a jiff. We currently have an Ergo as well and I still have problems putting that on without needing Matt’s help.

Overall we had a wonderfully positive experience with the Bitybean and like I said earlier I am going to be buying our very own Bitybean here shortly for next the next couple of months when we visit the grandparents in South Carolina and Pennsylvania!



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